These industry partners are members of KPCA, representing manufacturers, wholesalers, producers and sellers of the products that are essential to our industry. Please support those who support our efforts.

B&G Equipment       Robert Heiney           678-688-5601                           

BASF                        Jared Harris              314-724-4050                

Bayer                        Nate Peterson          417-509-3560       

Bell Laboratories      Annie Carney         816-206-4576                             

Briostack                  Mitch Towner           801-694-9648                   

BWI Companies       Bryan Robertson      417-881-3003

Catchmaster/AP&G  Liz Turner               347-889-0258                    

Control Solutions       Brian Sundnas         913-229-7378

Corteva                    Zach Morehead        816-935-8090               

Diversified Sales & Marketing     Larry Hiner     918-695-6742                        

Douglas Products     Bob Braun               402-960-3861  

Ensystex                  Don Stetler             281-217-2965                        

Forshaw                                    Paul Neill                      913-432-2424                                            

Industrial Fumigant Co.       Dan Ponton          913-782-7600             

J.F. Oakes Sales        Jim Oakes              662-746-7276                                                                      

J.T. Eaton                  Dale Becker            330-425-7801                            

Liphatech                  Howard Franklin       414-351-1476                      

Mattress Safe                  Will Poston                   770-205-5335                                     

MGK                                    Mike Hennessy            636-544-2983                                                

Neogen Corporation     Tamra Lewis                 405-412-5886                      

Nisus                                   Jeff Caudill                    641-208-1311                                              

Oldham Chemicals Co.              Kathy Rodery           314-569-4000               

Pelgar                                 Andrej Branc                  610-849-1723                      

Pest Management Supply         Jared Ingalls     816-830-2005

SiteOne                             Chris Nickelson            913-207-4653                                             

Target Specialty Products       Doug Bennett    816-517-1425              

Target Specialty Products       Cindy Sagerty    316-648-0621

Veseris                               Marla Shepard             816-518-1093                                      

West Bend Mutual          Eric Schwarz                913-205-9583                                     

Winfield United               Jeff Wilkinson              405-465-5982                        

Woodstream                    Rick & Vicki Oberg        573-280-9149                                  

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