These industry partners are members of KPCA, representing manufacturers, wholesalers, producers and sellers of the products that are essential to our industry. Please support those who support our efforts.


Bayer                        Jacob Clabaugh      417-509-3560          

Bell Laboratories      Annie Carney         816-206-4576                             

Briostack                  Mitch Towner           801-694-9648                   

BWI Companies       Bryan Robertson      417-881-3003

Catchmaster/AP&G  Liz Turner               347-889-0258                    

Corteva                    Zach Morehead        816-935-8090               

Diversified Sales & Marketing     Larry Hiner     918-695-6742                        

Douglas Products     Bob Braun               402-960-3861  

Ecoclear Products        Floyd Davidson     941-423-7289    

Ensystex                  Don Stetler             281-217-2965                        

FMC Professional Solutions    Brian Mount      972-632-6522        

Industrial Fumigant Co.       Dan Ponton          913-782-7600             

J.F. Oakes Sales        Jim Oakes              662-746-7276                                                                      

J.T. Eaton                            Dale Becker          330-425-7801                    

Kness Manufacturing         Nick Fugate            800-247-5062                              

KritterCaps                         John Stouffer         574-276-5023     

Liphatech                  Howard Franklin       414-351-1476                      

Mattress Safe                  Will Poston                   770-205-5335                                     

MGK                                    Mike Hennessy            636-544-2983                                                

Neogen Corporation     Tamra Lewis                 405-412-5886                      

Nisus                                   Jeff Caudill                    641-208-1311                                              

Oldham Chemicals Co.              Kathy Rodery           314-569-4000               

Paragon Professional Products     Craig Smith        972-415-7963 

Pelgar                                 Andrej Branc                  610-849-1723                      

Pest Control Supplies                 Jimmy Odom     800-821-5689                                                  

Pest Management Supply         Jared Ingalls     816-830-2005

Rockwell Labs                               Rusty Binkley       816-283-3167                           

SiteOne                             Chris Nickelson            913-207-4653                                             

Syngenta                          Mike Weissman             314-591-8644                              

Target Specialty Products       Doug Bennett    816-517-1425              

Target Specialty Products       Cindy Sagerty    316-648-0621

Veseris                               Marla Shepard             816-518-1093                                      

West Bend Mutual          Eric Schwarz                913-205-9583                                     

Winfield United               Jeff Wilkinson              405-465-5982                        

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