Returning Spring 2023

Covid-19 shut down many programs. One of those casualties was our Master Technician program. This unique in-depth program, conducted at Kansas State University, is one KPCA is proud of, and we know participants appreciate it.

Unable to get together for 2 years safely, we were not in a position to host the program. Many alternatives were discussed, including an online program. But none of the alternatives provided the proper atmosphere or allowed us to utilize the best presenters.

So, we put the program on hold. It has not been an easy decision. We know many are ready for the program to start again. Beginning Spring 2023, the Master Tech Program will return at Kansas State University.

We wish we could re-start the program sooner. However, it is not possible due to a host of factors, ranging from availability at Kansas State, speakers’ schedules, Covid resurgences that have led to limited travel for speakers, limits on facility usage, and coordinating a program in a year when many are “playing catch-up” from the chaos of the past few years.

For this program to work, it must be done right. A Spring 2023 re-start is the best way to ensure the program remains something we are all proud of.

What does this mean for current designations or efforts to earn the designation?

Those currently with the designation of Master Technician have received an extension. Those working toward the designation can take one of the four classes in 2023 to earn the designation.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. No one wants this program to re-start more than us. It is not going anywhere, and we look forward to collaborating with you and growing this program in the future.

This specialized, in-depth training program is conducted in association with Kansas State University. It provides lab training and hands-on programming with experts from Kansas and across the nation. All classes are conducted at Kansas State University. This program provides those who complete it designation as a “Certified Master Technician”

Each year, KPCA holds several industry Regional Education 7 Training events in cities across Kansas. These events are a way for pest management professionals to gather and discuss the pertinent issues impacting the industry. It includes discussion, training,  special speakers and industry and association updates.

View the complete list of Current Master Technicians


To be eligible for this program, pest management professionals must:

  • Be a certified pest management professional applicator/technician by a state agency.
  • Have at least two (2) years certification in the pest management industry.
  • Be a KPCA member, or work for a company which is a KPCA member.


  • Unique program unlike any other offered in Kansas, or the region.
  • All certified Master Technicians are listed on the KPCA website.
  • Any business that has a professional who completes the Master Technician      program receives a logo for use on business materials.
  • Chance to be a scientist for a day, using laboratory equipment, microscopes and in-depth learning to better identify and treat the groups being studied.
  • Become better educated in the field, improving your ability to serve customers, distinguish yourself from the competition and move up in your company.
  • Designation as a Master Technician sets individuals apart and shows dedication to the industry and continued education in the pest management field.

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